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Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required for the construction or alteration of any structure over 10m2 (108 sq ft.)in area for example a structure with outside dimensions greater than 3.16m x 3.16m (10.37 x 10.37 ft) . However, all structures must still comply with zoning requirements.


Yes, You will need a permit for the following projects:

  • Is larger than 10m2 (107sqft)
  • Building any addition to your home (Click here for Residential Addition application package)
  • Decks (Click here for application package)
  • Sheds, carports or garages (Click here for application package)
  • Structural alterations
  • Moving or lifting your house
  • Installing a wood stove or fireplace
  • Finishing a basement or adding a basement entrance
  • Creating a Second Dwelling Unit
  • Demolition (Click here for application package)
  • Septic System new construction or repairs (Click here for application package) – see our Homeowners guide for the Septic System
  • Installing an in-ground or above-ground pool
  • Installing Solar Panels (Click here for Residential Solar Panels application package)
  • Plumbing, new construction or changes
  • Tents (645 sqft / 60m2 or more)

Permits may not be required for:

  • Window, door, roofing or siding replacement
  • New interior wall floor or ceiling finishes
  • Chimney, porch, deck or roof repairs
  • Basement waterproofing repairs
  • Furnace replacement (if the same size)

Check that you can meet the Town of Innisfil’s Zoning By-law, there are limits that affect your property – overall coverage, setbacks or even type of zoning..Still have questions? If you are unsure if a permit is required, please call 705-436-3710 to discuss the details of your project.


Who has to approve my project?


Do I need assistance to draw my plan(s)?

As the owner of the property, you are responsible for ensuring that you have hired qualified people. For more information regarding designer qualification and exemptions, please contact the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). Designer qualifications can be viewed through the MMAH or by accessing their on-line Public Registry (QuARTS).


Other Requirements to Meet

Whether a permit is required or not, applicable zoning and Conservation Authority requirements must be met.


Steps to Obtaining A Building Permit

Now that you know what you want to build, here are some steps to obtain a building permit:


  1. Prepare drawings to scale which accurately describe the proposed construction. The drawings submitted with the permit application need to be detailed enough so that anyone using them would be able to construct your project. Where an owner engages the services of another person to perform design activities, that person may be required to comply with the qualification requirements established by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Standard technical details are available at the Town Office to assist in the preparation of your plans. If questions remain regarding how construction will occur, the drawings are not detailed enough.

It is advisable to verify with the Planning Services that your proposed site plan will meet local zoning standards before you prepare the complete construction plans.

Submitting a Building Permit Application

Visit Town Hall at 2101 Innisfil Beach Road and complete a Building Permit Application.

The application is also available to down load Application to Construct or Demolish

A Complete Building Permit Application will include:

  • A completed Application Form
  • Site Plan
  • Building Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Cross Section Drawings
  • Truss Engineered Specifications
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Information Package
  • Any other applicable information that is unique to the project.
  • Lot grading plan, if required

Drawing Requirements:

New Home Construction:        2 copies of all drawings and specifications are required.

All other residential projects:   2 copies of all drawings and specifications are required.

**If there are changes to your plans before you get your building permit you must submit the revised drawings to Building Services. 

**If there are changes after you get your building permit you must submit a revision permit with revised drawings. 

Any construction completed not in accordance with the permit drawings, will result in orders being placed on the project.  If you have a contractor doing the work, ensure the contractor submits revised drawings prior to commencing the change.  There will be a fee associated with the revised submission.

Ultimately, under the Ontario Building Code, the owner is responsible for all construction on their property. If you want your contractor or designer to apply on your behalf you must fill out a Letter of Authorization.  Although the contractor or designer is acting on your behalf, you are responsible for ensuring your agent is calling for the inspections and constructing in accordance with the Building Permit drawings. 

Notification of an incomplete application package will be provided in writing.

Building Permit Fees

Fees are payable at time of issuance. Permit fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. All fees are outlined in the Town’s Fees and Charges By-law.

Do I Need Any Inspections?

Approved permit drawings must be available on the project site for the purpose of inspections. The building permit placard must be posted so it can be easily seen on your property prior to starting work. You can begin your construction project any time after receiving the permit. The building permit will expire six months from the time of issue if an inspection is not booked.

Local utilities such as hydro, gas and telephone operate independently from the municipality and should be contacted regarding their specific approval and inspection requirements. All utilities must be contacted prior to commencing any excavation to determine the location of any nearby underground services.

Required inspections are listed on the back of the building permit .  Request an inspection through the Community Development Standards Branch by emailing ,  booking online, or calling 705-436-3740 ext. 3500.

Please note, due to the high volume of inspections, we ask for 48 hours notice for requesting inspections.

Stages of Inspection

Excavation/footings Inspection

This is a visual inspection for soil bearing capacity and footing sizes. Foundations are intended to safely carry their own weight and the loads transferred to them.

Exterior Sewers/Inside/Outside Drains Inspection

The inspector looks for appropriate installation of exterior storm and sanitary drains including material type, slope, colour (green for sanitary and white for storm), fittings, etc.

Foundation Walls- Before Backfilling Inspection

The inspector looks for size of foundation wall and that all water and damp-proofing measures have been installed including weepers, stone, bituminous material, etc.

Structural Framing Inspection (includes all rough-ins for HVAC, plumbing, electrical)

At this point, the inspector examines the structural integrity of wall systems, floor systems, roof systems, means of egress, fire and sound control, mechanical systems, windows and fireplaces.

Insulation Inspection

The inspector looks for compliance with thermal resistance, air barrier and vapour barrier requirements. In addition, all previously identified deficiencies are also inspected, as this is the last inspection before covering.

Occupancy Inspection

The inspector verifies that all life safety measure are in place in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. This may include smoke alarms, C02 detectors, guards and railings and the site is free of construction debris. 

Final Inspection

At this point, all systems are operational and the construction is complete. All grading must be completed in order to book a final inspection.

Please remember to work safely!

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